Root code solutions was born of a simple idea: we realised that if we pooled our individual experiences we would be able to provide an elegant and professional experience as third party web and application developers. As computer science students, we have been educated in a vast array of modern development tools and techniques which means we will be able to meet your needs at an affordable price.




Company Director/Front-End Developer.

Oversees a large percentage of projects and is in charge of company to customer liaisons, while also a Front-End developer. Having fully produced several websites and worked on numerous other projects, Leo has a wealth of experience in development, with techniques that will allow your brand to flourish. Leo’s role includes managing the team to work to the requirements you set out and working in parallel on web development projects as a Front-End developer.



Company Director/Back-End Developer.

In charge of finance and business operations as well as a back end programmer. Having done internships both in the financial sector with State Street Corporation and in the software industry with Selex ES, Gavin incorporates the business aspect of Root with the Software Development. As a Company Director, Gavin’s position involves the day-to-day running of the business and taking charge of financial matters concerning the company. While tending to be a low-level application or Back-End programmer, Gavin has the ability to perform a wide range of programming tasks.



Back-End Developer.

You may sometimes wonder how programs are able to accomplish things that seem to be impossible, and whilst these complex operations are sometimes never visible from an outside perspective, this is what most of the backend entails. It’s the backbone of all software. Working behind the scenes; allowing programs to run seamlessly. The hero without a cape.



Back-End Developer.

The core of your software solution is built within the back-end, and having a robust and meticulously designed application is key to provide a great user experience. With experience in handling massive databases, sensitive live data and various application developments, David provides a quality in code and data management that will be truly felt by the end user. Using the newest and most relevant technologies available, David will be tailor everything to your needs and those of the software solution.



Front-End Developer.

Helping with the design and creation of a product's final look. The way a product looks is integral to how likely people are to use, and enjoy using it. As such, it is important to listen to customer's requirements for their products and incorporate them as much as possible. Iona ensures that a customer's wishes are always the focus of design, working with the rest of the front-end team to ensure a smooth product deployment customers can be proud of.



Back-End Application Developer.

Matthew’s job is to make everything work behind the scenes. He has experience with a multitude of languages and has a keen mind for analysing and breaking down problems. He uses this to create powerful solutions to the tasks handed to him.

Matthew strives to create powerful implementations of the jobs given to him, and to provide a great overall product that is easy to use and easy to maintain so that nobody’s efforts are wasted.



Backend/Server Engineer.

Primarily responsible for server configuration and maintainance, Sam builds the systems that support Root's development. His work focuses on the critical elements of a system that the user will never see, such as databases for large management systems and servers for all sorts of online services. With these, he helps to provide a robust and reliable platform for any sort of application or website.



Front-End Developer.

Developing the face of each product, from conception through to final delivery. Scott creates sketches and sample images of products before their implementation, to give an indication of the final design. With the rest of his team, he then endeavours to bring these ideas to life, creating a refined user experience and a professional end-product. Scott’s history includes Software Development in several fields, including Networks, Front End and Back-End production and HCI/User Experience. He also has an interest in Graphical Design, creating sketches, mock-up images and logos, and is the creator of the Root brand/logo.